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I wrote the information for this article and then Practical Boat Owner changed it a bit, however, most of my writing is intact.

East Head, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), is a 1km-long spit of beautiful sand dunes owned by the National Trust and is situated in an Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty., Yachts can anchor north of East Head, to the east of East Head spit bouy but south of the main channel. There is good shelter from all round apart from the north-east. The Cruising Almanac advises that anchorage is also uncomfortable with winds from the north-west. Holding is good in the sand a few meters below the surface. The anchorage is very popular in the summer but is never full. Maker sure not to anchor east of the starboard lateral mark on the east side – boats often end up aground here.

A speed limit of 8 knots is in place from the harbour entrance, and all vessels are requested to ‘mind their wash’. All craft that enter the harbour are subject to harbour dues. The weekend charge is £6 for yachts of 6.31-1`2m (20ft 8in-39ft 6in) in length. Rates can be found online at http://po.st/rates.

There are beaches all round East Head, and the southern end gets quite busy with people from West Wittering. To escape from the crowds, try climbing over the side of the dune, where it is quiet and very sheltered from the wind. The tides are very strong around the spit, and care must be taken when swimming to avoid being swept away.

When visiting East Head, it is tempting to have a barbeque – but make sure you have it on the beach, not in the dunes as that is forbidden. No trip to East Head would be complete without a walk through the hot sand on a summer day. The area offers an opportunity to spot a great variety of rare wildlife including ringed plovers and sand lizards.

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