The Message of the Clouds Foreword by Tom Cunliffe

Tom Cunliffe has very kindly written a foreword for my book ‘The Message of the Clouds’

You can read it below:

It’s so much better, and far more fun, to be able to read the sky and make your own conclusions about the weather than it is to punch a button on a computer and let someone else tell you what’s happening. Of course, we’re all going to use modern methods, but it’s like anything else, if you understand the essence of the subject, you know what questions to ask the computer and can make a lot more sense of its answers. That’s what Olly’s book does. It leads you gently through the guts of what I used to call single-station weather forecasting.

I’ve known Olly since he was a small boy. I was impressed then by his keenness and the intelligent questions he asked. Now he’s a strapping young teenager, he’s moved on and is already representing his country in sailing. His first book, The Message of the Clouds, is so good that my Yachtmaster Instructor candidates would do well to read it. Driven by instantly available internet forecasting, the subject of weather lore is falling off most people’s radar. This is a poor state of affairs because, out at sea, there may only be the sailor to decide on what’s happening and what to do about it. Olly has given us all a helping hand. I learned something from this book. I’ll bet you do too.

Tom Cunliffe (Yachtmaster Instructor Examiner) May 2017

You can find out more about The Message of the Clouds here:


  1. Carl Barry said:

    Hello Oliver,

    It looks like you are enjoying your sailing and now your writing. The Sea Cadets was where I started my sailing as well, But a little bit farther north west from you. Then onto work at sea for most of my life.

    Tom Cunliffe, Is a brilliant and always will be a good ambassador , For the sailing fraternity & the RYA. If he has recognised your capability’s Olly and endorsed your book you must have done something right LOL.

    At that time I had come from a Tug/Towing, Sea going Life that had gone stale no jobs. So I thought
    How about passing on some experience of the sea to others that want to learn.

    I first met him when I took my RYA yachtmaster Cert, In gosport. I wont tell you at this moment as to what went on but It was all memorable stuff mate, Toms chat, and the ability,to put people at ease with the boat, and the water, Is what was needed for the RYA to go forward at that time and I would guess that he Is still doing It now.

    I followed his nature and advice, I was never out work around the solent, Instructing, and delivering Yachts.
    I respect him a lot but don’t tell him that…LOL..

    Good Luck Olly, With your writing and sailing, I have over forty years at sea to talk about so If you need some Inspiration’s. Just ask.. I do not want anything for what we talk about . I just think that the experience of the “sea” Is worth passing on to the people that want to understand “It”

    Best Regards Carl.

    PS! I came Into life In 1957, In the northwest of the UK. I was educated at sea…For the rest…

    23rd September 2017
  2. Olly Perkins said:

    Hi Carl,

    That is very kind of you. It is great that Tom has endorsed by book, he is such an amazing sailor. I am looking forward to doing my Yachtmaster – I just need to be a couple of years older.

    Thanks, your comment was very inspiring and I have decided to write more blog posts now because of it.

    All the best


    30th September 2017

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