The Message of the Clouds Book

The Message of the Clouds is being republished by Bloomsbury, so you currently cannot buy it. However, you can preorder the updated edition Reading the Clouds here –



Tom Cunliffe: “His first book, The Message of the Clouds, is so good that my Yachtmaster Instructor candidates would do well to read it.”

You can read what Tom wrote in his foreword here:

Yachting Life: “During daylight we found that a serious bit of cloud consideration and analysis was more accurate than an iPhone weather App prediction.”

Ex-president of the Royal Meteorological Society Professor Christopher Collier: “This book is well researched and the reader is offered practical information in an easy to assimilate form.”


Why should you buy this book?

For thousands of years people have been using the clouds to forecast the weather, but with recent advances in technology this practice has largely stopped. However, using the clouds to forecast weather yourself is more accurate than using official forecasts for short-term and local conditions. This book will show you how to accurately predict the weather using the clouds and the local topography, without the need for internet connection. It also contains dozens of examples of cloud formations.

How many minutes until it will rain?

Will it be foggy on the coast as well as inland?

When will the sea breeze fill in?

“The Message of the Clouds” is perfect for anyone interested in being outdoors. It is useful for sailors, hikers, fishermen, golfers, birdwatchers, hunters and more. It has never before been easier to identify clouds and forecast the weather through them and could be life-saving in a survival situation. There are also simple explanations about exactly why types of clouds predict different weather.



  • The foreword is written by Tom Cunliffe – Author and Yachtmaster Instructor Examiner
  • The first section explains the background to why clouds indicate different weather
  • The second section has 25 cloud and fog types and explains what weather each of them indicates
  • The third section is on how local effects impact the weather
  • The fourth section details the most relevant weather folklore, what it means, how it is useful today and why it works
  • At the end, there is a quiz to see what you have learned
  • The book is 75 pages long and there are over 80 large colour photos in it



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